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Other Implementations of CosNotification

In addition to omniNotify there are a number of other commercial and experimental implementations of the OMG Notification Service. We do not claim that the following list is exhaustive.  Please send updates (suggest a new link or report a problem with a link) to

Papers about omniNotify

Before building omniNotify we built a socket-based Unix service called READY.     READY supports some features not found in the CosNotification standard, most notably compound matching, i.e., matching over multiple events by specifying a temporal event pattern.  There are two published papers on READY:

We then modified READY so that it used CORBA and supported the CosNotification standard.   The result is now called omniNotify, but was still called READY when we wrote this paper about the threading architecture:

The above paper is no longer a correct description of the omniNotify architecture, but it does capture some of the design issues we tackled.

More Notification Links

In addition to the CORBA Notification Service, there is a lot of work that has been done in the area of event notification. The following link points to an excellent survey of event systems.

There are many more links we could list here.  Please send updates (suggest a new link or report a problem with a link) to

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