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omniNotify Installation...

These are instructions for installing omniORB and omniNotify source/binary that you obtained in one of the 3 ways described on the omniNotify Download page. The distributions contain detailed installation instructions. Here we provide a brief overview.

You should install either a source or binary distribution of omniORB 4.0.2 (or later) before installing a source or binary distribution of omniNotify.

Suppose the top-level directory of your omniORB tree is <OMNI_TOP>. The omniNotify source tree has its own top-level directory, named omniNotify, which must be an  immediate subdirectory of <OMNI_TOP>/src/services.

The omniNotify source tarball has omniNotify as top-level directory. Thus, you should be in directory <OMNI_TOP>/src/services if  you do an untar of an omniNotify source tarball, or you should do the appropriate cvs checkout command from this directory.

Each omniNotify binary distribution has several top-level directories, 'bin', 'lib', 'src', and 'include', which are overlays for the existing <OMNI_TOP>/bin, <OMNI_TOP>/lib, <OMNI_TOP>/src, and <OMNI_TOP>/include directories, respectively. Thus, you should be in directory <OMNI_TOP> when you untar an omniNotify binary distribution.

To (re)build the omniNotify library and daemon, once the main omniORB tree has been configured and built, go to <OMNI_TOP>/src/services/omniNotify/build and do `gnumake install' (for an autoconf installation) or go to <OMNI_TOP>/src/services/omniNotify and do `gnumake exprt' (for an old-style installation, which means all Windows installations).

For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keep in touch' page.