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The latest release of omniNotify is version 2.1.  If you are using an earlier version of omniNotify, please upgrade.  Since there may be future bug fixes, you are strongly encouraged to use the CVS option with the omniNotify2_develop tag, as described below.  

The sections below tell you how to

omniNotify is copyright AT&T Laboratories -- Research. It is free software. The daemon program in omniNotify is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the file COPYING for copying permission of this program. The library in omniNotify is distributed under the GNU Library General Public License (LGLP). See the file COPYING.LIB for copying permission of this library. The licenses are also contained in the distribution itself.

Check out the source from a SourceForge CVS server

You must check out a recent version of omniORB (version 4.0.2 or later) as well as a version of omniNotify.  You can read this page about CVS access for omniORB if you need a basic lesson on how to acquire and configure cvs client access from your machine.

The omniNotify source distribution must be installed inside the src/services directory of a working omniORB 4.0.2 (or later) tree. The following cvs commands check-out the latest omniORB 4 tree and then the latest omniNotify 2 tree. You can skip the first checkout if you already have a working omniORB tree.

Anonymous CVS Access

 (1) Do a cvs login to omniorb cvsroot:

   > cvs login

   When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

 (2) Get the latest omniORB source:

   > cvs -z3 co -r omni4_0_develop omni

 (3) Change into <top>/src/services directory

   > cd omni/src/services

 (4) Do a cvs login to omniNotify cvsroot:

   > cvs login

   When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

 (5) Get the latest omniNotify source:

   > cvs -z3 co -r omniNotify2_develop omniNotify

  Now you have the sources.  See the appropriate README files for build instructions.


You must first configure and build the main omniORB tree if you haven't already done so (see the omniORB README files for details). Then, go to the src/services/omniNotify directory and read the omniNotify README files.

CVS branches and tags

Using the tags omni4_0_develop and omniNotify2_develop will give you the latest bug fixes for omniORB4 and omniNotify2 trees, respectively.  Other tags are available, e.g., for checking out specific releases.   See the omniORB development page for a list of available omniORB tags.  The following branches and tags exist in the omniNotify module:

Branch tags
omniNotify2_develop The omniNotify 2.x development tree
Revision tags
omniNotify2_1 The omniNotify 2.1 release
omniNotify2_0 The omniNotify 2.0 release
omniNotify1_2 The omniNotify 1.2 release
omniNotify1_1 The omniNotify 1.1 release
omniNotify1_0 The omniNotify 1.0 release

We strongly urge you to use the omniNotify2_develop branch!!

Get the latest source snapshots

Get release tarballs

You can get tarballs that just reflect the state of omniORB as of a particular release or of omniNotify as of a particular release.  These tarballs do not reflect any bug fixes since the release, which is why we recommend using one of the the first two options (above).   Windows users may be particularly interested in this option since Windows binaries are available.


For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keep in touch' page.