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What is omniNotify ?

omniNotify is a multi-threaded implementation of the CORBA Notification Service (CosNotification), a feature-enriched version of the CORBA Event Service (CosEvents).   omniNotify offers asynchronous, decoupled, event-based communication between distributed and heterogeneous applications. 

omniNotify was developed by a group of researchers at AT&T Labs in Florham Park, New Jersey.   Our  main design goal for omniNotify was scalability: we wanted a service that scales well w.r.t. both number of connected consumers and number (and complexity) of filters registered by consumers.  To achieve this goal, the implementation exploits parallelism during filter evaluation and dispatching of events to consumers. 

omniNotify is built on top of OmniORB, a free high performance C++ CORBA ORB was developed by researchers at the lab which was originally the Olivetti research lab (ORL), then the Olivetti/Oracle lab, and finally AT&T Labs Cambridge.  It is now maintained by Duncan Grisby.   omniNotify's good performance is due in part to the excellent performance of OmniORB.

The main features of omniNotify are:

omniNotify does not support three things that are part of the CosNotification spec:  use of wildcard in filters, typed channels, mapping filters, and persistence.  See the features page for an expanded list of features; also see the release notes page for a full description of the current release.

See the keep in touch page to see how to keep up to date with the latest information about omniNotify and OmniORB.

For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keep in touch' page.